Programming I

Welcome to Course SE105! (Fall 2014)

Note: this page is for se332 at fall 2014 and thus is no longer active!


What you will learn
  • Basic concepts of programming
  • Practical and key programming techniques
  • Basic knowledge of standard C++ language

What you will be able to do after this course
  • Write simple command-line C++ programs
  • Understand programs that have many lines of codes
  • Be ready for advanced programming courses

What you will NOT be after this course
  • C++ experts
  • Programming master

Text Book
  • Programming : principles and practice using C++, by Bjarne Stroustrup, Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0-32-154372-6 (amazon)


  • 刘晓宁 18801970616
  • 杜振伟 15216712592
  • 顾剑宇 18801969517
  • 安延鑫 18801903383
  • 李烁 15900815608

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