We have been focusing our researches on topics with regard to Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Web Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Software Engineering. As many topics are closely related to other ones, maybe the best way to organize our researches is to introduce research themes that are listed as follows.

Cloud Resource Management

The research theme of cloud resource management focuses itself on cloud resource management.

  1. Dynamic Resource Arrangement in Cloud Federation

  2. An Availability-aware Virtual Machine Placement Approach for Dynamic Scaling of Cloud Applications

  3. Characterizing Web Application Performance for Maximizing Service Provider’s Profits in Clouds

Data Management in Cloud

The research theme of data management focuses itself on data management.

  1. Performance Benchmark on Object Storage Services

  2. ALARM: Autonomic Load-Aware Resource Management for P2P Key-value Stores in Cloud

  3. Adaptive Failure Detection via Heartbeat under Hadoop

Service Computing

The research theme of service computing focuses itself on service computing.

  1. Technology for Service Describing, Discovering and Managing Based on Closed Loop Feedback on Internet

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