Architecture of Enterprise Applications

Note: this page is for spring 2015 and thus is no longer active!

Welcome to Course SE343! (Spring 2015)


What you will learn
  • Introducton of Arch. of Enterprise Apps
    • Features of Enterprise Apps
    • Mainstream technique for design of Arch. of Enterprise Apps
  • Development of Server-end Components
    • RMI, JNDI, Web Service
    • Java EE Session Bean
    • Transaction Management
    • Security
    • Messaging
  • Web Services
    • SOAP Web Service and RESTful Web Services
    • Web Service Development with Java EE and .NET
  • Service Oriented Service
    • Basics of SOA, ESB, SOAD
    • Workflow
  • Infrastructure of Distributed Apps
    • Parallel Process
    • NoSQL DB
    • Full-text Searching

Agenda and Slides